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Psychological Assessment provides a foundation for mental health professionals to better understand a person and their behavior. Through this in-depth analysis of an individuals mental health problems, personality, IQ, and other components, the professional is able to uncover strengths and weaknesses to aid in future treatments.

Although some personality factors will remain steady over time, psychological testing generally measures the person's functioning in the "present time" and cannot predict the future.  Psychological assessment is not a single test.  It encompasses several categories of evidenced based testing techniques including clinical interviewing, intelligence and comprehension abilities, personality and behavior inventories, and tests that specifically address the issue(s) that brought the individual in for the assessment (violence, hyperactivity, thought disturbances, etc.).  Some types of assessments require special instruments, medical exams, or more than one specialist to be comprehensive and accurate.


If you are in need of an assessment or would like to inquire about which Psychological Assessments we can provide, please give us a call at 605-725-5505 or send us an email through our secure provider below.  Please give a description regarding your reasons for requesting an assessment and enter "ASSESSMENT REQUEST" in the Subject Line. 

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