Professional Counseling Services

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Aberdeen, South Dakota

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Tel: 605-725-5505.  Hours: Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm.  Other Times By Appointment 

Counseling is a unique opportunity to Breakthrough the barriers keeping you from

reaching genuine joy and peace in your life!

The ultimate goal of therapy is to bring battles within the unconscious mind into the present so they can be resolved. Counseling involves improving your mood, your motivation, and your relationships. In counseling, you will learn to love and respect yourself first... adopting a truly positive self-image. Only then is it possible to make healthy decisions regarding your relationships with others. I have found that no matter how stuck a person, family, or couple believe they are, breaking through these barriers will lead them to something profound. As clients resolve painful issues, they discover new opportunities for growth and prosperity in their personal, family, and professional lives.

Some issues to consider seeking assistance with:

• Depression and Anxiety

• Domestic Violence or Child Abuse 

• Couples/Relationship Counseling

• Family Counseling or Behavioral Issues

• Gender/Sexual Identity Support

• Grief & Loss Counseling

• Work and Career Issues

• Anger or Stress Management

• Suspected or Diagnosed Mental Illness 

• Trauma & Crisis